Host the best event ever with these 6 products!

21 Sept 2022

Rodeo Bull Hire

Now that the lockdown is a distant memory (and we hope to keep it there!), we can all resume our celebrations. We need to make up for lost time, and that means putting on the best party ever!

So, whether it's your work staff reward day, a milestone birthday or even a family fun day, here are our top 6 products to get your event going!

100ft Assault Course

Let's start with our 100ft assault course. Yep, that's right, 100ft of pure madness for you thrill seekers/show-offs. Perfect for any work or community event as you fling yourself through the obstacles in brutal competition with your manager, family, friends, and foes.

And for those who don’t fancy a go, don't worry, you still get the opportunity to laugh at other people’s expense; netting acts as a window throughout the entire course. This means everyone gets to be a part of the fun.

Show us what you’ve got and see who comes out victorious!

100ft Assault Course
100ft Assault Course

Bungee Run

Feeling like life's holding you back at the minute? Well, this particular party must-have will certainly reinforce that feeling. But hey, it’s fun, we promise!

This one works by strapping you into an inflatable runway in which you’ll run as far as you can to place a beanbag down. How far can you get before you're launched backwards by the bungee? No matter how far you get, it will always end in a gracefully shambolic display of flailing limbs and falling backwards.

This is one of our family favourites as the ability to loosen or tighten the ropes means kids and adults can compete on an even playing field, making it all the more fun.

Bungee Run
Bungee Run

Climbing Wall Hire

Want to be Tarzan of the… weird wall thing with lumps in it? Well, look no further. Our 23 ft climbing wall is perfect for you and three competitors to race to the top.

This piece will give your event that little something different and keep everyone entertained. Our auto-belay system will bring all competitors back down safely after they reach the top, so parents don’t have to worry.

Ready to start your ascent? Don’t look down!

Climbing Wall
Climbing Wall


Always wanted to be a part of Mario Kart? Here’s your chance. Our Go-Karts are perfect for any medium to large size event. With an age rating of 5+, they’re particularly well-received at any event involving children or adults.

While we won’t be providing any banana blockades, we do provide a member of staff, so there’s no hassle and maximum safety for you. Let us take the wheel! Or more importantly, let your event attendees take the wheel…

What does your event need? To quote Top Gun, it has a “need for speed!”.

Go Karts
Pedal Go Karts

Rodeo Hire

What more does your event need than to watch your friends and family flying around on a mechanical bottle? That's right, not just your standard bull. We’ve got a wide range of rodeo simulators for you to pick from. Try these bad boys out for size…

-Human Roulette

Rodeo Bull
Rodeo Bull

Dance Mat Hire

Get ready to bust a move on our dance mats. We will have you feeling like the next Mick Jagger when in reality, you're blessed with two left feet. This game will create an intense dance-off like some scene out of Hairspray, leading you to feel confident in your own dance abilities.

We recommend this piece of kit for an indoor event such as a wedding or office party. Can’t dance? No worries, this machine will pretty much teach you. So don’t fear Uncle Steve's “dad dancing” - after a go on this bad boy, he’ll be stunning crowds with his dance moves.

Dance Mat
Dance Mat

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So there you have it, 6 products to host the best event ever! Having said that, this is just a splash in the ocean that is our product range. There are over a hundred to choose from, so feel free to take a look around, and let us know what you’re interested in.