Tips for Creating a Stress-Free Event

04 Jan 2023

Inflatables in London

When planning any event, you want to be able to kick back and enjoy it so we’ve put together our top 6 tips so you don’t spend the entire day ripping your hair out!!

Know your worst-case scenario:

Yes, that may sound silly to prepare for the worst because surely then you’ll be getting extra stressed. But actually, if you know how you’d handle your worst-case scenario then if that does happen on event day you have already planned how to cope with it. You need to be realistic though so try not to go down rabbit holes like “If the cake doesn’t turn up my boss will fire me and my family will disappear”.

Realistically the worst thing that could happen if the cake doesn’t show up is a few people are a little bit disappointed but this closely leads to our second top tip…

Check with suppliers:

If you have several different suppliers, call prior to the event to double check they have the right time, place and order. This will help reduce the risk of the supplier going to the wrong place and will help you feel calmer on the day if the suppliers were running late, because you know they are aware of your event and needs.

Also, if for whatever reason the supplier does have issues regarding your order, calling beforehand allows these issues to be discussed and gives you time to find alternative options if you need to.

Know your budgets:

Time, money and space are the three key things you need to be aware of when planning your party.

Do you have the time to organise everything you need?

Do you have the money to buy everything you want?

Do you have the space for everything you’ve bought?

Make sure you have space for any hired equipment whether that be 3 bouncy castles, a rodeo bull, our soft play centres or our 130ft assault course.

Make Lists:

Lists will be your best friend whilst planning an event to help you keep everything in order. If you plan to serve food lists can help you make sure you don’t give a Snickers bar to Amy with a severe peanut allergy.

Also, they can help you to have a clear mind as to what’s been sorted and what is left to be organised, you don’t want to double book and end up with 2 different suppliers providing the same service.

This will help reduce stress by keeping organised, plus you’ll feel satisfied crossing items off your list!!

Send out your invites early:

Make sure you know who you want coming and get those invites out asap so you can get a rough number of numbers and potential +1s. This will help make sure with your lists and budgeting as if more people come than expected you may want to look for a cheaper food supplier.

Accept help:

Here at Live 9, we provide members of staff alongside our hires to take the pressure off your event. Accepting help from suppliers or friends and family is sure to make your day far more enjoyable and help you relax so the whole day goes smoothly.

So if you’re ready to start preparing for your first event of the year, call us today to get discussing your party must-haves!!!