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    University Freshers Packages

    “Hey, nice package!”

    Freshers Week is just around the corner, and we want to help you make it the best one yet with our show-stopping events hire!

    We’ve put together some awesome packages which, based on our previous experience of supplying entertainment for Uni Freshers, tick all the right boxes of bombastic jollification.

    Take a look at the packages below. They all offer excellent value and are pretty much the best way to spend that sweet, sweet SU budget. Hold onto your hats, Loughborough University – it’s about to get wild!

    Evening Entertainment Package

    Also known as the “Lads lads lads” package, the Evening Entertainment Package is basically a cocktail of beer, sports, and healthy(-ish) competition. It’s the perfect party starter for the lads – and of course for the ladies (or lads) they are trying to impress.

    It includes:

    • Giant Ball Pool
    • Rodeo Bottle
    • Giant Beer Pong
    • Giant Beat the Buzzer
    • Football Table

    Funfair Entertainment Package

    Also known as the “Life is funfair” package, the Funfair Entertainment Package does what it says on the tin – and then you get to knock those tins down at the Tin Can Alley Side Stall!

    Everyone loves a funfair, and these games provide Freshers a great way to hang out and bond with their new buds.

    Plus there’s candy floss…

    • Hook a Duck Side Stall
    • Coconut Shy Side Stall
    • Tin Can Alley Side Stall
    • Candy Floss Machine
    • High Striker
    • Giant Beat the Buzzer

    Chill Out Package

    The Chill Out Package features some of our most popular giant games. They’re a ton of fun and allow the students to enjoy themselves in a calmer, more relaxed way. Sure, you can incorporate a drinking game element – but these games stand tall (literally and metaphorically) by themselves.

    The package includes:

    • Crazy Golf
    • Giant Chess
    • Giant Kerplunk
    • Croquet or Rounders
    • Bean Bag Area
    • Giant Branded Deck Chair (Photo Opportunity)

    Action Package

    Will this year’s Freshers be getting much action? They certainly will – with the Live 9 Action Package!

    We’re talking big, badass inflatables that will have students running, jumping, falling, wrestling, and generally making a giant ass out of themselves! One thing’s for sure, these products never fail to draw a crowd.

    Et voila…

    • Kick n Stick Velcro Football
    • Ultimate Wipeout Hire
    • 100ft Assault Course
    • Bungee Run
    • Adult Sumo Suits

    Get in touch!

    Pretty cool, right? Better yet, we’ll help you with the planning and logistical side of things free of charge. Funnily enough, we’re really good at knowing where to put things. It’s an underrated skill.

    Another thing, a bunch of these products are brandable. Just let us know and we can slap Loughborough University stuff wherever it fits!

    Also keep in mind that these packages are just a splash in the ocean that is our product range. Feel free to have a look through our website – there’s bound to be some other stuff that may catch your eye!

    Just let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll be right back to you with a quote. Let’s make this the best Loughborough University Freshers Week ever!