Best event rental ideas in Nottingham

11 Nov 2022

Event at Nottingham Racecourse for Inflatables

Are you planning an event in Nottingham? Are you looking for ideas, inspiration or equipment hire to make it the best event ever? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog about event rental ideas in Nottingham, we’re going to go on a wild ride through the best of the best equipment hire. Fair warning: you’re about to be bamboozled by an overload of all things FUN. Shall we begin?

Adults Bouncy Castle

What better place to start than with a bouncy castle? It remains a staple of inflatable hire, and for good reason. You just can’t beat the simple joy of bouncing around with your friends and family.

Now, many adults, perhaps your work colleagues, will tell you that a bouncy castle is not appropriate for adults. But they couldn’t be more wrong. There’s a child in each of us, and it SPRINGS to life at the sight of a bouncy castle.

For the perfect addition to corporate fun days, milestone birthdays, weddings and more look no further than the Adults Bouncy Castle!

Adult Castle
Adult Castle

Rodeo Bull

Would event hire in Nottingham really be complete without a Rodeo Bull? Of course not. How else would you watch your friends, family and co-workers hold on for dear life as they get bucked about by the merciless mechanical bull?

It’s a spectacle that you truly don’t want to miss. The Rodeo Bull hire is the ultimate test of strength, stamina and resilience - but more importantly, it is absolutely hilarious. Truly, a spectator’s sport if there ever was one.

As for the unfortunate rider, all they have to do is hold on for 2 minutes. Do you think you, or anyone you know, could manage it? Only one way to find out. Grab your Rodeo Bull Hire in Nottingham for your corporate event, team-building day, family fun day, fete or carnival!

Rodeo Bull
Rodeo Bull

Big Red Balls Challenge

From bulls to balls… or more specifically, BIG RED BALLS. Possibly the biggest, reddest balls you have ever seen. Hopefully.

Made famous by the BBC show Total Wipeout, the Big Red Balls challenge is now available for your event hire in Nottingham, and it’s an opportunity you really don’t want to miss out on. Because they are SO fun.

The Big Red Balls are challenging, that’s for sure. They bounce and wobble and generally do their best to knock you off. If you can make it to the end, you’re basically a legend. But you probably won’t, which will also make you a legend… just in a slightly different, more hilarious way.

Hosting a corporate event in Nottingham anytime soon? Then be sure to grab these Big Red Balls.

Big Red Balls
Big Red Balls

Crazy Golf

Speaking of balls (not that we’re obsessed with balls), fancy a game of crazy golf? I mean, you’d be crazy not to.

Because crazy golf is a much-beloved activity, and with our Crazy Golf hire, it can now be played wherever you want!

Ready to show your friends, family and co-workers who’s boss? Well, you have 9 holes to do so. Be warned, each is as crazy as the last. And it’s actually really quite difficult. And even if you’re good at golf, you might be really bad at crazy golf. But equally, if you’re bad at golf, you might be really good at crazy golf. That’s the beauty!

So ‘putt’ your search for the best event hire in Nottingham to rest, and grab this very popular Crazy Golf hire for your next event!

Crazy Golf
9 Hole Mini Golf

Bungee Run Hire

We’re making progress with this blog. We’re steadily getting through our list of the best event rental ideas in Nottingham. We’re close to the end…

PING! Not if the Bungee Run has anything to do with it. Doing what it does best, it drags us right back. Brutal, right?

Right. But also, amazingly fun. The Bungee Run never fails to draw a crowd of both spectators and people wanting to have a go. The aim of the game is as follows: defy the bungee cord and get as far along the track as you can. It’s simple, stupid, and BRILLIANT!

Fancy harnessing up and taking on the Bungee Run at your next corporate, family or school event? Then hit us up! But for now, let’s recover from the Bungee Run and get ready for the last item on this list. Prepare yourself, because it’s an absolute whopper…

Bungee Run
Bungee Run

100ft Assault Course

Go big or go home, right? Well it doesn’t get much bigger than the 100ft Assault Course. Yep, you heard that right. 100ft. Of pure, unadulterated madness.

Starting with squeeze tubes. And then a wall, and some biff baff bags, and a cliff jump, and mangles, and… gosh, I can’t get my head around all the obstacles in this damn thing. There are so many and each is as ridiculous as the last. I think it ends with a slide? Sure, why not.

In any case, this assault course welcomes two people at a time as they go head to head in a race for eternal glory. If not eternal glory, then just a whole lot of fun. And spectators get to join in on that fun; the sides are fully netted for your ultimate viewing pleasure!

100ft Assault Course
100ft Obstacle Course

If you’re hosting a corporate event, community event, team building day, family fun day, or any kind of event in Nottingham, don’t miss out on this popular 100ft Assault Course hire!