It's Testing Day!

25 Apr 2023

Assault Course

This month we had our annual PIPA Testing Day, where our annual PIPA Tester Gary comes to visit us and tests all of our inflatables, this means our team of 6 takes all of our inflatables out of their place in our warehouse and one by one, set them up, await their test being completed and then pack them down once the test it over, it's a long process which takes all day but there is a domino's pizza for all of our team at the end as a special treat!

Now, it may seem like an easy job but with over 40 inflatables in one day it's a mammoth task, from our Helter Skelter to our Bungee Runs and Inflatable Obstacle Courses, every inflatable must be inflated, tested and deflated then to be put back into it's designated home in our warehouse.

Helter Skelter
Funfair Helter Skelter

The Bungee Run below cannot be PIPA tagged as only inflatables that are designed to be bounced and slid on can be tested under this scheme so our PIPA tester Gary performs a test inline with EN14960, which is a test that checks all requirements an inflatable would need if it were to pass a PIPA Test, so essentially it's the same thing without the fancy logo or tag.

Bungee Run
Bungee Run at Testing Day

And finally to round our fantastic team continue with maintenance throughout the year with regular cleaning of all our inflatables and maintaining products and even fixing and making things more robust at our workstation. Did you know? Inside our warehouse, we even have an in-house machinist should we need to do any repairs.

Maintaining Equipment
Maintaining Equipment

And that's a wrap! So if you are looking to book inflatable fun for your staff fun day, community event or any other type of corporate event, get in touch today! Our Event Experts are ready and waiting to help you plan the best day ever!